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Returning Guest Perks:

 Welcome Back!
To save more money, you may prepay for as many Doggie Days as you think you will need now, and in the future.
So Bundle and Save $

$25 to $40 a day per Doggie
Depending on length of visit
Discount for multiple Doggies 
Nightly Doggie Treat

Hours for Pick Up & Drop off
M-F 8 am - 6 pm 
Sat 8 am - 12 Noon
Sunday Closed
No sundays unless paid to next day

New  Guest Perks:

If you are a New Guest,
seeking a place to board your Doggie;
you have come to the right place.

 $50 per day per Doggie
for those onwers that do not have the time for a meet and greet inorder to quaify as a Guest Member and/or are not up to date on shot records.
We can accommodate you and get your Doggie in compliance

Nightly Doggie Treat

Hours for Pick Up & Drop off
M-F 8 am - 6 pm 
Sat 8 am - 12 Noon
Sunday Closed

The Inn Club Perks:
$25 per day Doggie Boarding
$25 per day Doggie Daycare
Discounted Grooming
Your Doggies Food is Stored here
  So you are always ready to​ drop and go
We are always here for you
Last Minute Drop off
24/7 Emergency Availability
Nightly Doggie Treat
Extended Hours​
Hours for Pick Up & Drop off
M-F 6 am - 8 pm 
Sat - Sun 8 am - 6 pm

Return Guest 
Inn Club
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Welcome to Country Oaks Bed & Biscuit Inn

     We are a 20 year family business providing the best care in
Cage-Free Dog Boarding with a passion for your good Family Doggies.

At The Inn we unleash the happiness of living in the country,
where we offer invigorating play time with peaceful nap time throughout the day. At night we all sleep safe and sound inside dreaming of dancing Doggie Biscuits.
The Inn is fully protected and secure.
We provide around the clock care and you can rest knowing,
The Inn is located right next door to a First Class Veterinarian Hospital. If the need should ever arrise. 

      We are a recognized name in the pet service industry, Welcoming travelers from all over the USA
Owners say “Taking my Doggie to Country Oaks Bed & Biscuit Inn; is our home away from home” for over a decade.
Our innovative use of technology allows us to stay in contact with you while you are away.

We believe when you plan ahead, you can plan on saving. Boarding is always paid in full. After your reservation for boarding has been approved.

To ensure the best experience for all of our Doggies and human clients, each dog must meet health and safety requirements before they can attend boarding.
We require a completed agreement before your dog is introduced to our Cage-Free Doggie play areas. It helps us get to know you and your family.